Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tamarind Vietnamese Grill & Noodle House - Quaint, Clean, Cute

I enjoyed lunch with a friend at Tamarind the other day. Upon walking into the restaurant, it appears a lot smaller than expected, with about 5 tables for 2. Though note that the small size did not equate chaotic (as I'm sure you can imagine other Asian restaurants) and had a clean, fresh feel with tall windows and lots of sunlight. Perfect for an afternoon lunch! Our server was very friendly and prompt with our meals. I ordered the Pad Thai (I know, at a Vietnamese restaurant!) and Bo Lo La as an appetizer. The Bo Lo La consists of spiced beef wrapped in betel leaves. The appetizer menu was definitely more out of the ordinary and adventurous in comparison to the usual salad and spring rolls, which was a nice surprise! I believe this is a family owned business...At the cashier they were very friendly, asked for feedback and welcomed us to visit again. I would recommend Tamarind for a casual lunch. Locals appeared to frequent Tamarind for takeout. Portion sizes are perfect (so you don't go into a food coma upon returning to work). The service is quick, (though you may want to make reservations to ensure you get a table), prices super reasonable and food was quite good!
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