Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Murrieta's West Coast Bar & Grill - Entrancing Entrees...Dispelling Desserts

I recently hosted a night out at this beautiful restaurant off the convenient & central location of Stephen Ave. Our hosts were amazing as were our entrees ranging from pastas to curry to lamb!
Being as it was a girls night, we opted for dessert (of course!)...unfortunately although all beautifully described on the menu, were either not what we were expecting or sub-par. "Bananas Foster" brings to mind whole bananas, which were instead integrated into a chocolate cake. I requested the "De-Constructed Apple Crumble", which was disappointingly cold, and consisted of shredded apple segrated to one side of the bowl from dry oatmeal on the other....It honestly tasted like muesli breakfast cereal vs the dessert indulgence I was hoping for....I continue to reccomend Murrieta's, but hope to see a better dessert menu in the future!
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