Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sakana Grill - New Year, New Service!

After a stressful work week my nerosis tend to emerge. But last week, Sakana Grill & it's staff managed to put each of these at ease.Paranoia:Upon reading previous reviews, I admit to being a bit weary to book here for a business lunch, but Sakana Grill was accomodating. I reserved in advance (and followed up twice) to ensure lunch hour seating for a group of 10 collegues. I also showed up 10 minutes in advance, which prompted staff to setup the table very quickly. Perfection: Our server (Kathy) was great, managing random drink orders, allergies, & special requests kindly. The chef surprised us with a complimentary spicy tuna roll to tie us over while deciding on orders. The sashimi was thick-cut and fresh! ("Sakana Special Sashimi) The rolls (Stampeder, Geisha, Rainbow, Dynamite, etc) were a hit in presentation, taste & size. Timely arrival of dishes made for a great social atmosphere, where everyone always had something to pick off of.Approval:Part way through the lunch one of the staff stopped in to show off an impromtu card trick. The meal was rounded out with complimentary dessert (frozen grape skewers) and pocky for the ladies. The foodie persona (which exists solely in my head) was ecstatic to receive accolades for my choice in dining experience at the Sakana Grill.
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