Friday, June 14, 2013

Ming Eat Drink? No Thanks.

Despite a night of heavy rain, 17th Avenue was packed...In search of a pub to share (yet another) bevy, we stumbled upon Ming. This is an Asian themed bar, dimly lit with gold & bronze Buddhas hidden in the corners of the red interior. EAT: The menu is very reasonable with most tapas around the $10 mark and daily specials! We ordered the Ming's Ginger Beef ($9.50) because of the description "it's why we're famous", as well as Mao Dry Ribs ($9.50) and Sliders.
The ginger beef did not live up to their claim to fame, was bland and not even sweet. I also blamed the runny rice for my failed demonstration of chopstick skills. Worse were the dry ribs, which were burnt and consisted entirely of fat. Of the three sliders served, one was missing toppings. It was not overly busy, but the kitchen appeared overwhelmed based on the quality of food alone. DRINK: The selection for beer and hi-balls is basic, though I can't really speak to the cocktails which appear popular. I get the whole revolution theme (cool), but did not appreciate sitting under a portrait of Stalin (not cool).
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